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Donja Williams


Donja, is an experienced people leader with over 15 years driving results as a success strategist and financial consultant. She has a proven track record of transforming lives through organizational effectiveness, success planning and financial mapping. She leads the industry by empowering her clients to feel competent, capable and able to contribute to any challenge that life or business brings. 


Donja is successful by building trusted relationships, fostering engagement by setting goals, creating customized trainings and giving effective feedback throughout the process. Many of her entrepreneurial skills came from roles in non-profit and corporate organizations, such as: Director of youth empowerment programs, Manger for marketing, Sales coordinator, call-center trainer, facilitator and supervisor for residential and business customers. These roles included working with fortune 100 and 500 companies


.Her passion is fueled by her many life experiences such as: Abandonment, failed relationships, corporate bottle-necking and financial hardships. Through continued education, discipline, triumph and determination to own her success, Freedom In Me was created. 


Currently, Donja helps businesses by providing strategies and creating customized trainings and workshops to define and achieve success. Additionally, she uses her platform to help individuals understand that in order to be whole and free you have to embrace the experiences in your past that has shaped who you are today while combining strategy and technique to prepare for a better tomorrow. 


Now, in a world that is constantly changing; she continues to gain momentum and more determined than ever before to change lives; as she walks each client through the discovery process. Get ready to transition your pain

into purpose. Why wait? Rise above your circumstance. Connect with me. Hey freedom, it’s me!


Glenda Teichmer

Director of Marketing

Glenda Teichmer has worked as an experienced Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations professional for over 30 years. She gained experience in designing print and electronic media, writing slogans, commercial jingles and ad-copy. She’s an all-around “creative.” Gifted in singing, script-and copy writing, copy-editing, graphic design, voice-over and much more, she brings the full weight of her gifts and experience to the Freedom In Me Organization.

She is driven by a special interest in developing advertising concepts, and brand identities. Glenda has a proven track record of providing effective guidance to clients, which has empowered their messages to their constituents. Glenda’s passion for marketing and advertising can be traced back 20 plus years to a time spent with the American Red Cross, re-branding and marketing failed youth programs. While at the American Red Cross, she spent significant time redesigning various forms of media,
promoted cultural inclusivity, and branded the concept of mainstream engagement.
These critical components were strategically positioned to special
interest groups, local and state leadership and targeted communities. “The buzz” created excitement and expectation. It was said that, “Red Cross has brand new programs being offering to youth” Of course, the fore-mentioned programs had fallen asleep over the course of 15

In addition to the above-mentioned experiences, Mrs. Teichmer, managed the public relations, marketing and advertising needs of a few noteworthy organizations: SMILE (A Special Movement to Influence a Lifestyle of Excellence) and GEM (Girl’s Empowerment Movement).
As the Marketing Director for, “Freedom In Me,” she is passionate about helping you to develop your intended message in a concise and unambiguous way. Using various marketing venues and advertising
media we’ll deliver:
“Your Voice. Your Message! Our Plan!”

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