official 2021 Business Shower recap





Business Showers is a non-profit based in Charlotte, NC that was created during a worldwide pandemic, in response to the growing demand for businesses to launch as so many were closing. Freedom In Me took action to give back to our community in hopes of helping to build an economy even stronger than before.


Freedom In Me partners with our community to identify and host  Business Showers to start up businesses and non-profits. This non-profit in-kind, community giving program is designed to connect new businesses to people and resources. 

We collaborate with like-minded businesses across the United States who share in our mission to help us welcome, celebrate and shower new business owners with essentials to launch. Our idea clients are entrepreneurs who have recently launched and trying to grow/scale their businesses.


Some things that we gift these businesses include; but, are not limited to: Comprehensive Business Coaching, Marketing Support, website development, industry specific materials, logos, legal entity filing fees, ect. 

Our Mission- To increase the success rate for small business owners within their first 1-3 years of business, by combating the lack of training, resources, no business plan, or management team. 

Vision is simple:

Connecting new businesses to people and resources


It is our hope that by "gifting" rising entrepreneurs the skills and services needed for a solid foundation, we will build stronger and more financially sound communities.  Small businesses are successful far beyond three years in business because the community is coming together to create new opportunities for each other, and our families; and, are positive contributors to our society through business.


Business showers is only made possible through generous financial sponsors, grants when available and

business owners who offer their time and service.  Can you write grants? Create business plans? Build websites or design logos?   We are always looking for help  in these areas and more.   Additionally, we need financial sponsors..  Email us how you’d like to support. Or, click the donate now button to send your gift.  No amount is too small. 


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Business shower highlights

Alexua McDougal


Location: Charlotte, NC

Business Shower Value:  $2500+

Recipient Date: October, 2020 

Business Name: Courage 2 Bee

Business Type: Motivational Speaking and Inspirational Clothing line.


Tiffany Daniel


Location: Baltimore, MD

Business Shower Value: $3000+

Business Type: Veteran owned

Health and Wellness 

Recipient Date: December, 2020


Business Name: CTL DOM group

Tiffany Daniel .jpg


Diamond Level Partner

Charlotte, NC

Silver Level Partner

Mooresville, NC

Bronze Level Partner

Charlotte, NC

Freedom In Me Partner

Mooresville, NC


Freedom In Me Partner

Mooresville, NC

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Business Shower applications are closed for the 2022 Round



Q: Do I have to be in Charlotte, NC to receive a business shower?

A:  No. Most of our showers are virtual so as long as you reside within the United States you can be showered. We will have our next in person shower on July 23rd, 2022. Out of state entrepreneurs can apply, but are responsible for their own travel.


Q: I am a minor but I have a business, can I get a business shower?

A: We love our kidprenuers, however at this time we are only offering services to adults 18yrs an older.   We will have a special Kidprenuer business shower in 2022.


Q: I am not a new business, but I need help.  Do I qualify for a business shower?

A: At this time, business showers are only available for new businesses or non-profits who have not yet launched or have launched and is 1 year or less in business. If you have a legal entity but have not officially launched you will need to provide proof of your first date of business.


Q: If I do not get selected for the next business shower, can I apply again?

A: Absolutely and we encourage it!  If it’s within 60 days, you will automatically be considered for the next shower. 

Q: Does this cost me any money?

A: At this time it is completely free.  Our honorees give back in time, service or donations.