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official 2021 Business Shower recap

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Business Showers is a non-profit based in Charlotte, NC that was created during a worldwide pandemic, in response to the growing demand for businesses to launch as so many were closing. Freedom In Me took action to give back to our community in hopes of helping to build an economy even stronger than before.


Freedom In Me partners with our community to identify and host Business Showers to startup businesses and non-profits. This non-profit in-kind, community giving program is designed to connect new businesses to people and resources. 

Some of the most promising entrepreneurs apply and are interviewed against program criteria and qualifications. The top candidates from 100+ interviews become finalists in the Business Shower Program.  The finalists then compete for twelve weeks of no-cost small business training; where they learn how to write and compile a fund-ready business plan.  At the end of twelve weeks, all finalists are expected to have a well-written and compiled business plan to pitch.  A board of professionals is selected from various industries (banking, investing, finance, etc) to hear the pitches and then score the finalists for their business concept, development, and readiness to go forward in business.  The finalists with the highest scores receive a “Business Shower”


Some things that we gift these businesses include but, are not limited to: Comprehensive Business Coaching, Marketing Support, website development, industry specific materials, logos, legal entity filing fees, ect and so much more! 

Our Mission- To increase the success rate for small business owners within the first 1-3 years of business, by combating the lack of training, resources, marketing, and no management team.  Vision:

New businesses are connected to people and resources. Small businesses that were supported by the Freedom In Me Business Shower Program are stimulating the economy, socially connecting, giving back to their communities, and creating a strong workforce through job opportunities.


It is our hope that by "gifting" rising entrepreneurs the skills and services needed for a solid foundation, we will build stronger and more financially sound communities.  Small businesses are successful far beyond three years in business because the community is coming together to create new opportunities for each other, and our families; and, are positive contributors to our society through business.