Event Information

Start A New Business

September 26, 2020


  • Which legal entity is right for my business (LLC, S Corp, C-Corp or Sole proprietor) 

  • Check-list on everything you need to launch a successful business.

  • Links to apply for easy to get business credit.

  • Bonus: A marketing strategy tip to gain followers/customers

Simple Path To Six Figures



Business Showers



July 24th, 2021 



Heritage House

Mooresville, NC 

Freedom In Me identifies aspiring or stagnant business owners; who, when given the opportunity will be a contributor to their communities, but struggle with needed resources to launch . Some things that prevents new business from launching can be: funding, product cost, website creation/logo designs, forming legal entities, or even basic coaching just to name a few.  


We, then partner with individuals and other businesses across the world to provide extremely discounted or in-kind services.  Finally, Freedom In Me along with other host, gather together to welcome and shower the new business.  Did we mention this is FREE?!


If you are a business and need support, or a business owner who can give support, connect with us.  


Not sure sure how you or your business can help? Let's chat.