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Success looks different for everyone, so you will go through a financial mapping consultation. The goal is to help each client identify what is needed to ensure that they are able to achieve any goal they desire and that credit is not a barrier.

This could mean restoring, rebuilding or establishing credit.

When you say yes to a partnership with us, you say yes to financial freedom. Yes, to being able to buy that dream house. Yes, to leaving a legacy for your loved one. Yes, to negotiating business deals on your terms.

Cash is King, Credit is power.
Consulting is included in all packages.



This package is designed for people who are self-starters and just need help understanding what steps to take. They are good with researching and finding the proper letters and resources to do the work independently once they understand what they have to do.

  • Credit assessment and analysis

  • Bonus class on understanding credit.

  • Guided step by step credit repair with a credit coach.

  • Three 45 minute virtual credit repair sessions. (Advanced scheduling)




GOLD $299.99

This package is designed for the go-getter. The persons that says give me what I need, tell me what to do and tell me how to do it and I’ll get it done! Everything you need to know and do to complete your own credit repair and repeat the process over and over again.

  • Credit assessment and analysis

  • Guided step by step credit repair with a credit coach.

  • Six 30 minute virtual credit repair sessions. (Advanced scheduling)

  • Access to freedom in me credit repair letters.

  • Credit building recommendations

  • Trade line recommendations


BRONZE $499.99

This package is designed for the busy person who needs help and does not want to be involved. For this package time is money. The person that chooses this package says just fix it for me and update me on what you did and what’s next.


  • Complete Credit assessment & Analysis.

  • Complete Credit repair by a credit coach.

  • Trade line recommendation (if applicable)

  • Credit building recommendations

  • Three 45 minute virtual credit repair sessions. (advanced scheduling)

  • Bonus webinar on how to maintain your credit.

  • 25% Discount on a credit webinar of your choice

When you book with us you get:

  • Stay connected through email subscription

  • Get a free business shout out on social media page 

  • Referrals when applicable

  • Free tools & resources 

  • Get a free business shout out on our social media page.

  • Free referral for Freedom In Me clients looking for your specific service(s) 6 month package required


A customized and specific conversation which includes a planning session to help you identify goals and set next steps to achieve them. Your coach will use a client focused approached that assists you in identifying your personal life experiences that has contributed to who you are today. In addition, we may use personality and career inventories to strategize an approach so that we may provide guidance on how to get from point A to Point B. Once the coach understands who the client is, together they will create goals with the ultimate being your business launch.. Your sessions will always end with practical steps needed to help establish next step goals.

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Choose the package that’s best for you


POWER UP- Month to month sessions

  • Power-up sessions are “pick my brain power hours.” They are designed for clients who need
    clarity, guidance, motivation or questions answered. We will provide answers, information and practical steps to help you achieve success.




  • This package is designed for the person that needs an accountability partner but already
    understands their purpose. While you may have the idea, success for you is tied to having a clear path to how to achieve it. Because you understand your purpose, most of the work during the 90 days will be setting up a road map to achieve it.



TURBO-6 Months

  • Clients who choose this package ask questions like: Who am I? What is my calling? I know I can
    make money but how? They say things like, I’m tired of living pay check, to pay check! Or one of the most important; I’m in so much pain, experienced so much failure and/or trauma that I can’t even begin to think about success. If this is you let’s connect.